KIFF = LIKE in French.

We have the most innovative concept that is going to impact Taiwan. 

The one and only challenging course you can find is here.

We keeping you energized, inspired and challenged.

Our goal is to make you stronger. 

We will push you to the limit to find your true potential.


  • Please remember to drink tons of water before, during, and after you ride. It is very important to stay hydrated. Riders can bring your own bottles and fill them at our water fountain.

  • Do not join our ride with your stomach empty. But don’t be full either.

  • Please avoid long, loose pants as danger might happen while spinning. We recommend leggings or shorts. Remember to bring socks!

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes in advance for your first class so that we can show you around the environment. New Riders will not be allowed to attend to the class once it begins.


KiFF offers multiple classes a day, seven days a week. New schedule will be updated at 4pm every Sunday. You can book anytime you want, to do so you must have paid rides credits in your account. You can choose your favorite seat while booking a class!


Yes, we allow drop-ins. If you’re planning to drop-in for the class, you can call or check online to make sure the class has available seats. Please remember to pay by credit card at the studio as KiFF is cashless!


Please cancel your booking 5 hours before the ride, your ticket will be refunded to your account. Cancellation within 5 hours will be considered as Late-Cancel or No-Show, you will lose 1 ticket. 

For unlimited Riders, you will get a yellow card every time you Late-Cancel or No-Show. When you reach 2 yellow cards, you will get banned for booking any class for 7 days.


If your prefered class is full, please join the waitlist. In order to sign up to the waitlist, you must have an available ride credit. Once a bike opens up you will be added to the class automatically, and you will receive an email notification. No confirmation is required by the client. 

The standard cancellation policy will be activated (you need to cancel the class 5 hours before the class starts). You can also come directly to the studio 15 mins before the class, you will be added to the waitlist. If there is any vacant bikes 4 mins before the ride starts, will be given to you!