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Purchase options cancellation policy

訂單一旦下達,將無法取消或修改。 這包括對尺寸、顏色的調整或對所訂購商品的任何其他更改。




■ 每請假期 1 個月應繳付新台幣 300 元整。



價格將在合理的時間事先通知您任何價格變更。價格變更將於價格變更日起的下一個訂用期開始生效。根據適用法律,在價格變更生效後繼續使用 KIFF Cycling Club 服務代表您接受新的價格。。如果您不同意價格變更,您有權在價格變更生效之前,取消訂用付費訂用以拒絕變更。


Payment and Cancellation
Once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or modified. This includes adjustments to size, color, or any other changes to the ordered item.

Recurring Membership 

Renewals and Cancellations
Orders are automatically renewed unless you cancel your paid order before the end of the current subscription period. For instructions on how to cancel, please contact our customer support team. Cancellations will be effective after the last day of the current subscription period, otherwise we do not offer refunds or credits for any part of the subscription period

Automatic renewal plan leave
We do not accept extensions of subscriptions. In the event of unavoidable suspension of a subscription for special reasons, the following conditions apply

▪ One month at a time, with each paid extension period running from the date of payment to the day before the next payment date.
Each month of leave should be paid in the amount of NT$300.
The subscription fee is payable in advance each month or at some other interval disclosed to you prior to the purchase.
The tax rate is based on the information you provide and the rate applicable at the time you are billed each month.