To book your first class, you need to download our App[iOSAndroid] and create an account, contact us. You will receive a confirmation by email, if you don’t you can check in your spam or call us. 


Come 10min before the class starts. When you arrive, you need to check in at the front of the Desk. Do not hesitate to ask all your questions to the staff! Note that your bike can be reallocated if you do not show up 4 min before the start of the session.


Sorry we are not selling a bottle of water for environmental reason. Please bring your own bottle. If you forget, don’t worry. You can purchase our original bottle at the counter.


We provide you with the shoes for each session. You can bring your own paid (Spd cleat). Being clipped to the bike will give you stability and efficiency. This will allow you to work the whole body without bulking up the thighs!


You can leave your belongs (and all possible distractions) in your lockers !



You can leave your belongs (and all possible distractions) in your lockers !



In the changing rooms, you will have access individual showers with all the products (shower gel, shampoo and conditionner). You will find everything you need to continue with your activities (hair dryer, cosmetics…).



Yes for 45 five minutes you will sweat! You will find a sports towel directly on your bike and shower towels will be available in the changing rooms. For the environnement, be careful not to abuse their use! 

Bike setting

Our bikes are simple and efficient. For your first session, be early so that we can help you get settled:

 – The saddle is adjusted at hip height

 – The distance between the saddle and the handlebars should be equal to the length of your forearm.

 – The handlebars must be level or slightly higher than the saddle (in case of back problems, raise the handlebars a little more). If you have particular pain, report it to the staff during your installation to adjust the settings and get some advice.


KIFF sessions are intense but you are in control of the effort at all times. Our coaches will push you to surpass yourself but it is important that you listen to your body and respect your limits. Remember to drink during and after the class. If you feel any discomfort during the session, do not force it. You will progress over the sessions, you will challenge yourself more and more!